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Planned Giving for Financial Advisors

Charitable Bargain Sale

Charitable Bargain Sale Gift Diagram

How they work

  • Your client sells her residence or other property to Harper College Educational Foundation for a price below the appraised fair market value. The transaction is part charitable gift and part sale.
  • Harper College Educational Foundation may use the property, but often elects to sell it and use the proceeds of the sale for the gift purposes your client specifies.

Benefits for your client

  • Your client can claim an immediate income tax charitable deduction for the difference between the property's appraised value and the sale's price.
  • Your client will avoid capital gains tax on the charitable portion of the property.
  • Your client will receive the sale proceeds from us in a lump sum or in fixed installments.
  • Your client can use cash from the sale to retire a mortgage, purchase other property, or simply boost her nest egg.

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