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Planned Giving for Financial Advisors

A Bequest in a Will or Trust

Bequest Diagram

How they work

  • Your client includes a gift to Harper College Educational Foundation in her will or trust, also known as a bequest. She can direct a specific amount or a percentage of her estate or a portion of her residuary estate to Harper College Educational Foundation.
  • When the time comes, we will use the bequest for the purposes your client designates.

Benefits for your client

  • This gift is simple to accomplish, will not affect your client's cash flow during her lifetime, and can create a gift that is meaningful to Harper College Educational Foundation.
  • Any amounts designated for Harper College Educational Foundation will not be subject to estate tax in your client's estate.
  • Your client retains the flexibility to amend or revoke her bequest in light of future circumstances or a change in family needs.
  • Bequests can be combined with lifetime gifts to create a meaningful legacy at Harper College Educational Foundation.

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